Question №1:
What is the point at which the responsibility of a network connection transfers from the service provider to the customer?

DEMARC- The Demarcation Point

Question №2:
Where would you normally get a block of adresses from if you are connecting to the Internet for the first time?

The service provider

Question №3:
What are the primary advantages of dual homing to the Internet trough the same Internet Service Provider?

It is easy. Only one bill, one set of people to deal with for technical support, sales etc. Also it is easier to deal with load balancing between the lines with one provider. It also reduces the risk of single point of failure.

Question №4:
How many routers should you use to pear up with when dual homing to a single internet service provider?

Two. One for each connection.

Question №5:
What is the primary disadvantage of dual homing to the same ISP rather than to two different ISPs

The two connection can be one physical connection or be in the same pysical trench or conduct, which can cause te custumer to loose all connections to the Internet if bachhol fade occurs.

Question №6:
What other type of diversity is just as important as logical diversity?

Physical diversity

Question №7:
What types of records can you requrest from the Internet service provider to determine weather or not you have enough diversity of the right types?

Physical network maps

Question №8:
What are the primary considerations that would cause you to run eBGP with your Internet Service Provider?

Optimal routing and traffic flow control.

Question №9:
How can you run BGP to an Internet Service Provider without a registert Autonomus System number?

By using appropriate ASN assigned by the Service Provider (64512 – 65535)

Question №10:
What is the most common problem preventing traffic from flowing inbound on two links when dual homed to two different Internet Service Providers?

The problem is in the length of the network prefix. By default routers will choose the longest (more specific) network prefix which will give them tore specific route to a network.

Question №12:
What methods could you investigate to balance inbound traffic flow trough two different connections to the Internet?

Setting metrics and locations from which the default route is advertised. Modifying the amount of address space each edge router advertises.