So, Monday was the last day of the Spring semester. I’m happy with my grades, but I could of asked for A in Economics… But that’s not a big deal.

In Algorithms we did our 2 page notes for The 3 volumes of The Art of Computer Programming and we took the exam. In Multimedia Web Design I did a short animation for, for the Economics class I wrot two papers. One for the Later Marxism and one for Socialism and Capitalism. For Origins of Human Nature my paper was titled “Imperfections of Natural Selection”

In addition, with the help of Petko, I got myself an Internship at UBS Investment Bank for the Summer; I started to write a little tool but more on that in a few days and a few more interesting things happend…

Now I have to add 1-2 pages to my second Independent Study paper and to finish the first beta of my little tool so that I can announce it.