Today in the afternoon we went to the UBS version of Iron Chef, which is a cooking competition. The original Iron Chef has one secret ingredient that is unknown to the chefs until about 15 minutes before the start of the competition and that has to be used in every dish they prepare. They have 1 hour and almost any other ingredient and tool they might need. Ours was a little easier, because we are IT and not chefs. We had a list of ingredients with the corresponding points they give us if we use them in our meals. We were also able to ask for other ingredients that were not on the list. We had to make 2 meals for 7 people ( 6 for our team and 1 for the judge ). We made beef curry and rice and chorizo quesadilla. I cooked the quesadilla and made fresh guacamole. In the end the judge said there are 2 winning teams and we were one of them. And that is because of our underseasoned rice, which our two indian teamates cooked. We had fun.

I can cook!