Today my manager had a day off and I was asked to do some of his job, which I didn’t even know how to. In the end I decided to stay on the safe side and not experiment with the apps of the traders. Later we went to lunch with to other interns and a guy that had graduated from the training program one year ago to talk about our future plans. I was organized by the bank.

Vassil had come to Long Island yesterday, so I decided to leave earlier. My train was at 15:52 and at around 15:20 Petko asked me to put together a web gui for one of his tools he had written. I was doing that til around 15:43 and I was at the train station at 15:51 and I go on the train on time. At Penn Station was crazy. I arrived there 10 minutes before the train and I almost missed it because of the long lines at the ticket vending machines… I came home around 18:30. Dary had prepared her clothes and she had to only put them in a suit case, which later turned to two :). My new phone was also here, but I’ll talk about that some other time.