I think I have not blogged about it yet (I have not posted anything in a while …). For a few months now, I’ve been going to this climbing gym once a week, doing some bouldering in the beginning and now top roping as well. I wasn’t expecting it to be so physically demanding activity. Every time after a workout, my muscles cannot recover for a couple a days. I’m still a beginner and not very good at it yet. I can boulder at most V3 (I did one V4 last week) and top rope at most 5.9.
Last week I got new climbing shoes, because it turned out I shouldn’t be wearing socks and the shoes should be snug fit, mine were pretty loose even with socks so… Unfortunately, now I have to pass the break-in period of the new shoes. I hope it happens faster rather than later. When it gets warmer I might visit one of the near by outdoors climbing locations (The Gunks is a couple of hours drive and it seems to be quite famous in the NE US).