At the end of last year I came across a website for “toys” with remote control and I started reading a little bit about RC stuff. All started with the fact that I wanted to make/build something. It didn’t matter much what that thing is, but it’s just that for the last few years I’ve found joy in building things such as amplifiers, speakers, controllers, aquarium cabinet, etc.. So when I came across this site I noticed that many people make their airplanes and then they go and fly them. So I started to read a bit more and I decided to give it a try. Luckily, the entry level remotes and aircraft models are pretty cheap so it didn’t cost me too much.

But before I can fly a real RC plane, I decided to practice a bit on a simulator to get familiar with the directions when the plane is coming toward me or flying away. I took some cheap PC controller for 20 bucks and I started “flying”. It was a lot of fun :). After several sessions it looked like I’d enjoy doing that, and I was also looking for a hobby that will take me outside more, because all my current hobbies are indoors.

So, on the same site, I followed the for sale forums soon I got a mint condition ParkZone T-28 “Trojan” (not my photo):

Then I paired it with a Spectrum DX6i transmitter:

And like a curse, since then (November) until now there hasn’t been a single warm weekend without wind so I’m yet to take it out and give a try! Damn winter!

That’s about it so far. I’m waiting for spring and summer to come, meanwhile I start the simmulator every once in a while to get a few minutes of airtime :).

More about RC stuff when the weather gets better and I do my first real flight 🙂