And here is another one :). One day as we were chatting during lunch, someone mentioned bows (as in archery). So just out of curiosity I decided to see what is the situation with archery. It turns out that this hobby is relatively popular. I was even able to find a local archery club that has a private forest turned into a shooting course and it is only 5 mins away from my place.

So as I was reading about that club, it turned out their forest is open only for club members and nobody else. Only once a month – last Sunday of the month – doors open to the public. Of course I gave it a shot :). And of course I liked it :). The next step was to educate myself a little more on the subject so that I could decide if it was really for me. I bought Shooting the Stickbow and started reading.

Basically, there are two types of bows: compounds and traditional. The former are pretty sophisticated technology making use of various alloys for the bow itself, special pulleys and cam systems, which facilitate pulling but give much more power the arrow, have fancy sights, triggers and what not – complicated stuff. Traditional are exactly that – traditional. In its most elementary form, we have a slightly curved stick with a rope on it and that’s it.

I liked the traditional part better and it is a little cheaper because there is no piles of gadgets that you need to get for your compound. Of course, you can spend insane money for most things and traditional bows are no exception, but I’m not such a fan. So for 119 bucks I got a Samick Sage take down bow, which IMHO is great. I also got a dozen of arrows and a handful of other small things like arrow rest and finger tab and I was ready to go shootin’:

I will not go into much detail but let’s say that the the aforementioned book helped me a lot because it turned out you can’t just buy any arrows for any bow. The lenght, material, thickness, spine (bending), fletching material all matter.

So far I’ve gone several times to shoot, and even became a member of the club – Cos Cob Archers. Generally I go every weekend, but this one was raining all the time so I couldn’t go…

I have to say that so far I really enjoy shooting. Let’s see how it goes.