Officially, today is my first day at my new job. I started work in UBS A.G. – Investment Bank in the IT Equities department. We spent most of the day, today, listening to various presentations and speeches. I am saying officially, because I started last Monday as I had to go trough a pre-week financial and accounting training. I now live in Stamford, CT and my new place is not bad, it only lacks an AC, but not for long.
Because I work in a bank now, I will have to be careful what I write here and I have to put some disclaimers here and there that all you read here is my personal opinion and does not reflect that of my employer… the general stuff. However that will happen some other day because it is late now and I have to get up at 7am tomorrow.

We released RC1 of iDiet yesterday. Of course we have more planned functions that will not make it to 1.0, but at least we want to see if we are on the right track and if things work so far. The program is fully functional. Supports user setup, diet setup and custom meals ( from the DB ). If you like to try it, please go to this address.

Thanks in advance

The last two days were pretty lazy. I enjoyed them a lot. Monday night we had on the table the following meals: Monastery Old black beans soup ( Ivan Zvezdev’s recipe ), baklava ( the recipe that Dary knows ), stuffed cabbage and grape leaves ( from Best Yet 🙂 ), oranges, mandarins, homemade bread, almonds and potato salad. We ate pretty good and we opened the presents :). Dary and I gave ourselves a nice present and we each gave the other one present :). More about the big present in another post. Tuesday, we spent mainly enjoying our presents :). Today is Wednesday and I feel sleepy, lazy and I don’t wanna go to work! A couple of days are too little…

Today was a very … unproductive day. Not that I didn’t want to work, but maybe because it’s the end of the internship and I’m done with my projects so there isn’t much time to do another one…

After work I came home and I talked with Dary over Skype. She showed me some very nice pictures from her cousin’s wedding, but not all of the pictures are ready yet. After that I left my clothes in the laundry machine and I went out for diner. On my way back home I moved the clothes from the washing machine to the dryer. While waiting for the clothes I looked at the deals at Fat Wallet and I liked one :). Well I liked several but I was able to let only $9 go.

I then took my clothes back and now I need to iron some for tomorrow and to go to bed.

Today I didn’t have much work. Every once in a while someone would send me a comment about the work, but nothing complicated to do. Dan asked me to add another element to the tool. Also, today started a new guy, so I had to show him the code and lead him through it so that he can edit it if needed in future.

We had diner at the Deli and after that I came home and watched this week’s episode of Photoshop User TV. Then I was in the bed for a while, because I wasn’t feeling very well.