Today I had to go to Manhattan and I had to take the train in the early afternoon. Before that I went trough my presentation and I send it to Liz. After lunch we worked on our Java project for a while. I had to leave earlier for Manhattan, because I wanted to make a stop on my way…

After the talk I got on the 18:40 train to Long Island and I went home. Vassil and I went to Friendly’s to have dinner. We were both pretty tired but still we decided to try and watch the first Lord of the Rings. However that didn’t work out for us. We went to bed about 1/3 way though the movie.

Today, even my manager asked me about the progress of my presentation. I guess it is time for me to do it. That will be my priority tomorrow. Other then that I worked the entire day on improovements and bug fixing and bug workarounds ( for IE). Because the they want the form to be quite clever, I had to write quite alot of Java Script and Ajax. That’s ok, but I hope it will not turn into some rusty web app with all these “enhancements”. Today I worked till 7pm and after I came home I ate a chicke souvlaki and watched this week’s photoshop user tv. Then I started writing in my blog to catch up since last Wednesday… I shouldn’t leave behind this, because it is hard to catch up later.

Today we got emails to remind us that next week we have to do a presentation on what we have worked on and learned in the firm. I, of course, have not started mine, but I have to submit it by Friday, so I’ll have to do it in the next couple of days. We had a nice talk with my manager about future project that I can give my opinion on before I go back to school:). Tomorrow I’ll do some Java…

After work I spent the entire afternoon doing some more tricks on my phone. I found some interesting things that so far were available only on Windows machines… I also try to do tests so that I can show concrete data.

The new week is the same like the old one. It is still the 7th week at this job and it’s out of interesting things to write about. We ate breakfast, we worked, we ate lunch, we workd and we left.

After work was more interesting. Vassil and I went to look for bright bulbs for the dashboard of the car and later I was playing around with my new phone. I started to gather some information on various tricks and soon I’ll be putting together what I’ve been able to find.

Today my manager had a day off and I was asked to do some of his job, which I didn’t even know how to. In the end I decided to stay on the safe side and not experiment with the apps of the traders. Later we went to lunch with to other interns and a guy that had graduated from the training program one year ago to talk about our future plans. I was organized by the bank.

Vassil had come to Long Island yesterday, so I decided to leave earlier. My train was at 15:52 and at around 15:20 Petko asked me to put together a web gui for one of his tools he had written. I was doing that til around 15:43 and I was at the train station at 15:51 and I go on the train on time. At Penn Station was crazy. I arrived there 10 minutes before the train and I almost missed it because of the long lines at the ticket vending machines… I came home around 18:30. Dary had prepared her clothes and she had to only put them in a suit case, which later turned to two :). My new phone was also here, but I’ll talk about that some other time.