At work today there wasn’t anything interesting. As I said before, I’m starting to get feedback about the tool I wrote and I spend most of my time fixing/modifying it. After work we went on a boat cruis on the Hudson river. It was pretty nice. We did a good tour around the city and we went to the Statue of Liberty… It was cool. I have pictures, but I haven’t sorted them out, so soon I’ll be posting them.Maybe that’s what I’ll do tomorrow.

So, it turns out that when you work a litle bit on a new place, small things start to pop up to be added to the already “completed” projects. I’m not complaining, on the contrary there is work to be done and time files faster…

However it was bad day for food today. First the breakfast cook was no good. I decided to try the omelette station and here is how he cooked it: he took the veggies and cooked them on the pan for at least 5 minutes, after that he added some oil and the eggs. Then he left it on the stove for another five minutes. Flip, and yet another five-six minutes on the other side… It felt like he was cooking a huge steak very well done… because of that the veggies were discolorated and soft, the eggs were very very very well done…

After that we decided to change our chicken souvlaki with pork. It was stringy and was lacking flavor… To top it all I got a blizzard – ice cream with things iside, from which the bananna was ok but the coco zest was pretty hard and without much flavor… now I’m gonna have a glass of Devin water and call it a day.

So today was a day for cosmetic touch-ups and writing of documentation. That took my entire day. The interface came up pretty nice and the boss liked it too, which is the most important thing 🙂
After work we stopped by the daly for some chicken souvlaki, and after that we got some Ice Cream from the Dairy Queen that’s close by. The ice cream wasn’t anything special, but wasn’t bad either.
Now I’m watching Photoshop User TV(NAPP TV, Photoshop TV) and I’m blogging. It’s 10pm so I have to go pick up my clothes from the drier.

Today was pretty productive day. All day I worked on the new build system and I think it is pretty good. We couldn’t test it 100% today because Vassil came by and we decided to go home. Tomorrow I have to document everything (which should have been done before I started writing ).

When I came home I worked on a few other thngs that my father asked me to do till around 10 and now after I’m done writing I’ll be going to bed.

This Friday 13th wasn’t bad. At last we announced the latest improvements that I was working on and now we have to wait. I hope nothing breaks 🙂 :). That was about it for the day. I had to change some things in the last moment and to work a little bit on the web interface, but in the end everything was good. I’m in the train right now headed home. We will try to see the new Harry Potter tomorrow or on Sunday, but we need to find someone to drive us over there, since Vassil moved to Stamford… Will see.