Unlike the previous moviewe watched, I liked Jumper much better. I’m not saying it is the next Matrix, but I liked the idea. It is just that after watching it, I had this pleasant feeling an this desire in me. Of course I’m not even considering the possibility of teleportation, but the movie made me feel good and made me dream for a while about the possibilities (positive and negative) of one such skill…

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I don’t know why but this movie was really bad! Maybe because of the constantly shaking camera, or because of the beaten to death idea of destroying Manhattan and everybody who didn’t manage to escape, or the bad ending, I don’t know. It is a fact that I hated the movie and that I angry with myself that I watched it. Boradt, at least, I managed to stop half way trough, but in this movie I expected something to happen at the end… however I was left with my hope.

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This Sonday we went to see Transformers. It was a movie with lots of effects. One that must be seen on a large screen with good sound system. There were a few week moments, where you can see it’s a kids movie, but otherwise the effects were cool.

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I don’t know how many of you know about the US health services. I cannot coment, just a few moments from the movie ( off my memory ):
– I have a brain tumor, but they did not treat me because the my claim was denied by the insurance companu:
Reason: “It is not lethal”

– I am 23 years old and I have cancer. They do not want to treat me, because the insurance company said I’m too young to have that type of cancer.

The documentary must be seen by everyone, so you can find out how the greatest country in the world takes care of it’s people.

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What, you think, is new in the movie? Well, it’s computer terrorism, what else? The movie is a worthy continuation of the first 3 parts and if we ignore a few special effects, I can say that it is a very good movie. It might have been a little better if it wasn’t PG-13, but they have to make more money…

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