Ratatouille is a very original movie. It is true that it’s an animation, but Pixar are the best in that area and some scenes you cannot tell it is. About the content, I can tel that It’s pretty original – a cooking rat. I, enjoying cooking, liked it very much. It is very light and easy watch.

Raiting 5 of 5


The third part of the movie is just the next episode of the series. Nothing new, nothing more interesting. If you want to watch the next episode, go and see it 🙂

Rating 3.5 of 5


The Spartans are great people! I enjoyed the movie. It is not perfect, but it is cool. The Spartans are made nice and Xerxes ? too

4 out of 5


The truth is that I liked that movie. Even the exaggerated numbers here and there were not that bad. The problem is big and people need to do something about it. I was hoping Al Gore to become the President of the US, and I even watched the elections…
There is a reason why this movie has so many best documentary awards including Oscar.
I recommend it to everybody and even ask you to watch it.

5 out of 5

Mirror Mask

Tagline:An extraordinary dream quest to rescue a world out of balance.
This movie was recommended to me by Geo. I saw it on his web site and I decied to rent it and see it. I liked that the movie is different. Nothing special happens in particular, it is just very different. It is not for people who do not like fantasies